Starburst Data Lakehouse, Powered by Iceberg

The performance of a data warehouse. The scale of a data lake.

Start building your open data lakehouse.



Query petabyte-scale data lakes, fast with a multi-parallel processing query engine


Reduce costs while adding elasticity to your architecture by separating storage and compute


Bring the simplicity of SQL tables to big data with the Apache Iceberg table format

How it works


Starburst works directly with your cloud object storage. Start by choosing where you want to store your data – Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, or Google Cloud Storage. Gather and land that data in your object storage location of choice.


Connect Starburst Galaxy to your object storage and transform your raw data files into Iceberg tables. Or, leverage Galaxy’s built-in ingestion solution to automatically stream data into your data lake and land it in Iceberg format.


Curate gold-standard tables that are ready to be queried using SQL or Python data pipelines. Add proper data governance with built-in access controls to ensure proper read-only access to your data sets.


Automatically run common data lake management tasks like compaction, vacuuming, and retention with Starburst Galaxy to ensure optimal performance.

Core Platform Capabilities



Ingest data in near real-time

Continuously ingesting data from a Kafka-compliant topic into your data lake and land it in Iceberg format with Galaxy’s fully-managed streaming ingest.

Automate lakehouse management

Schedule routine maintenance operations on your data lakehouse, like data compaction, vacuuming, and data retention, directly from the Galaxy UI.

Unify on a single, powerful platform

Build your lakehouse in Galaxy to leverage powerful platform capabilities like built-in access controls, data products, and more.

Available on all three major clouds

Deploy Starburst Galaxy across all three major clouds and leverage cross-cloud connectivity to unify your data.

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  • Query your data lake fast with Starburst's best-in-class MPP SQL query engine
  • Get up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Easily deploy clusters in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
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