Real-time analytics at internet scale

Starburst Galaxy makes it easy to power data-driven applications with the scalability of a data lake, the performance of a data warehouse, and the freshness of stream data.

Why real-time data lakes


Instant insights

Continually ingests and processes data streams, so users receive fresh data in minutes

Data agility

Stores all types of data and allows you to define the schema at the time of analysis

Scales analytics, not costs

Utilizes a cost-effective data architecture by separating storage from compute

Why real-time data lakes with Starburst Galaxy

Near real-time data ingestion

With Starburst Galaxy’s ingestion solution, you can continuously ingest data from a Kafka topic into the data lake in near real-time while  guaranteeing exactly-once semantics.

    • Continuously write data into your data lake in Apache Iceberg format at internet-scale
    • Ensure your data is ready for analysis with exactly-once guarantees
    • Fully-managed service with built-in governance and observability

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Warehouse-like performance

Starburst Galaxy scales with your application from your first hundred users to your first thousand. Through distributed processing and parallelization, Galaxy ensures optimal performance even with high concurrency and exponentially growing data volumes.

      • Choose between three cluster execution modes to maximize price-performance for internet-scale SQL workloads
      • Accelerate interactive queries 400%+ with Warp Speed’s smart indexing and caching technology
      • No premiums for indexing, only pay for the compute you use

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Unified data management and governance

Starburst provides comprehensive built-in access controls, authentication mechanisms, and encryption capabilities within a universal governance platform.

        • Secure your data with role- and attribute-based access controls
        • Automatically classify your data as it lands in your lake with AI-based tagging
        • Keep your data lake clean with built-in management features like compaction, vacumming

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