We all know the cloud is becoming the de facto IT infrastructure for many organizations. Thus, cloud migrations become more and more common, leading organizations into a dilemma; how to manage the large amounts of data stored in different sources and environments, whether it be in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. 

As organizations focus time on moving, copying, and consolidating data to one common format, they lose the time that should be spent finding insights from the data.  Starburst and Amazon Web Services (AWS) believe that you should be focusing your time on finding insights and answers, not waiting on the data to be ready for analysis.

Starburst and AWS have seamlessly integrated to bring an extremely performant abstraction layer from Starburst with the reliability, scalability, high-performance, security and cost-effectiveness of the AWS cloud. Our integrations allow you to separate and use your favorite AWS compute and storage services with Starburst. For example, you can use Starburst with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), while accessing data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or other locations. The separation allows you to access data where it lives today, as Starburst acts as the data mesh layer between your tools and storage locations. Allowing you to combine all the data, so it shows as one query, ready for analysis.

The combination of Starburst and AWS provides a powerful solution that will help organizations modernize and get access to data in real time by tailoring the solution to the needs of our customers and providing tools to transform the way they handle data. Organizations continue to trust in Starburst and AWS, making AWS the number one cloud deployment option of Starburst customers

So, now you may be wondering, how do Starburst and AWS help me focus my time on insights?  We allow you to gain time to insights by separating compute and storage.  You can use your favorite AWS compute services with Starburst such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) or Amazon Elastic Compute (Amazon EC2).  All while accessing the data in the storage location wherever it is stored, which may be Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), 3rd party tools, and or on-premises.  The separation allows you to access data where it lives today, as Starburst acts as the data mesh layer between your tools and storage locations.  Allowing you to combine all the data, so it shows as one query, ready for analysis.  



What does Success Look Like?  

Great!  We have shown how we provide faster time to insights, but let’s look at how a large Media and Entertainment Company used AWS and Starburst to do so.  

The Chief Marketing Office (CMO), was looking at how they could identify customer targets to upsell to a premium subscription.  The issue was it would take 18 months to combine all the data so it could be readily accessed.  This was not acceptable and the data would be stale in 18 months from the project time.  Leading the data teams began looking for a solution to support the CMO, as they originally thought combining all the data was their only option.

Starburst was introduced to the company and they learned very quickly how their current problem could be solved.  With Starburst on AWS, they were able to federate these sources and execute on their upsell campaign within just 5 weeks, almost instantly unlocking $200 million in additional revenue, via the upgrade campaign.  This was due to the combination of Starburst Enterprise on AWS utilizing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as the compute engine to improve their overall query performance. Adding Starburst on AWS caused 0 disruptions and increased their query performance by 93%.  They are now accelerating their cloud migration without any disruption to the business, and are able to add new data sources in real time thanks to Starburst and AWS. They have also been able to focus on cost savings, thus moving more data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), where the data can still be accessed with the rest of their data using Starburst at cheaper storage costs. 

In Conclusion

Starburst and AWS have partnered to solve customer problems around data, as our focus is to help customers spend their time providing insights versus non-value added activities.  These activities would be copying, moving, or combining data sources.

Together we have combined the simplified billing and best in breed infrastructure of AWS with Starburst creating a secure, resilient, scalable and extremely performant Enterprise grade abstraction layer, that will help your organization think differently about how to access data.  Which is why companies across many industries are adopting Starburst. If you are interested in learning more or starting your journey to access data anywhere, visit Starburst on AWS



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