Upgrade from Hive and Impala for immediate performance gains

Enhanced Trino is the modern engine for your on-premises Hadoop, offering increased concurrency, faster queries, more connectors, and efficient scalability.

Starburst customers report an average 10x increase in performance, 60% reduction in total cost of ownership, and significant reduction in ETL for ad hoc analytics.

Improve performance by 2-20x

Say goodbye to the nosy neighbor problem with an MPP SQL query engine built for faster queries, high concurrency, petabyte scale, and improved query completion.

Reduce TCO by 60-75%

Optimized price-performance to increase speed to insight without demanding vast amounts of compute resources.

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Reduce ETL for ad hoc analytics

Enhanced access to 40+ data sources to reduce dependency on ETL for ad hoc analytics, data discovery, and experimentation.

Trino was built as the successor to Hive

Trino was built as the new and improved MPP SQL query engine to overcome the limitations of Hive. Enhanced Trino powers Starburst to deliver up to 10x better performance, 10x more connectivity, and lower total cost of ownership. See how Starburst stacks up against Hive and Impala.

Features Hive Impala Starburst
Connectivity HDFS, S3, ADLS HDFS, S3, ADLS HDFS, S3, ADLS,
+ 40 other enterprise sources
— Object Storage
— Operational RDBMS
— Non-Relational DBs
Data Federation
— Streaming sources
Concurrency Low Low High
Enhanced fault tolerant execution
No Dependency on Hadoop
No requirement for YARN
Ranger/Sentry Integration
Latency High Medium Low
Analytic workloads Batch processing Interactive analytics Interactive & Ad-hoc analytics

Optum showcases the power of using Starburst optimize Hadoop

10X faster queries. 30% reduction in infrastructure costs. $8 million in projected savings.




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