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Starburst Galaxy awakens Iceberg and Delta Lake support, and enables fault-tolerant query execution

BOSTON, May 4, 2022 Happy International Star Wars Day! To blast off the virtual Trino Summit tomorrow, Starburst today announces new hypermatter capabilities for the fusion reactor of its fully-managed product, Starburst Galaxy. Starburst Galaxy now includes features that allow companies to unify access to different table formats in data lakes. It also includes a preview of support for fault-tolerant execution of long-running queries, typically used in Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) batch workloads. With this year’s summit focused on lakehouse analytics, these product advancements are geared toward streamlining data access and time to insight.

Starburst joins the rebel alliance at Trino Summit by collaborating with Immuta, Monte Carlo, Tableau, Airbyte, Superconductive (Great Expectations), dbt Labs, Tabular (Iceberg), OneHouse (Hudi), and Databricks (Delta Lake). The keynote, ‘Trino as a Data Lakehouse,’ presented by Martin Traverso, co-creator of Trino and CTO at Starburst, covers the evolution of Trino, and how it can be used to implement a successful lakehouse architecture. 

As organizations create, manage, and consume more and more data, lakehouses allow organizations to cheaply store large amounts of data while giving users the fine-grained control they need to keep their data up to date, and compliant with data regulations.

As part of this event, Starburst is announcing a new lakehouse capability called Great Lakes connector for object storage catalogs. It enables users of the existing Amazon S3 , Azure Data Lake Storage, and Google Cloud Storage catalogs to leverage Iceberg and Delta Lake table formats, adding to the existing capabilities that support for Hive tables. Users can now use Iceberg and Delta Lake features to automate tedious data chores including clustering, caching, small-file compaction, catalog syncing, and scaling table metadata. The connector enables a seamless user experience for the most popular table formats on any object storage with the same consistent SQL provided by Trino in Starburst Galaxy. All this happens seamlessly behind the scenes, which means that the end user’s experience is the same, and there is no need to train users on file type and table format intricacies.

“Requiring data lake users to know the specifics of different table formats is cumbersome and delays the time-to-insight for businesses,” said Matt Fuller, co-founder and VP of Product at Starburst.  “The Great Lakes connector is an important development for Starburst as it allows the flexibility for improved and new table formats to be added to any object storage catalog. This expands current data lake usage, and creates a future-proofed lakehouse experience. In the words of Finn, Reb Squadron, 11ABY after previewing the Great Lakes connector usage in the existing catalogs: ‘this is a really big deal in the resistance against the data warehouse.’”

This Trino Summit also includes some big announcements for the Trino community, such as the first beta delivery of the work from Project Tardigrade, and integrations with popular ELT tools.  

“We’re extremely excited to ship Project Tardigrade features in Trino,” said Martin Traverso, CTO of Starburst. “While our mentor, Yoda, has taught us: the greatest teacher, failure is, Commander Bun Bun no longer tolerates failures. Supporting fault tolerance and granular task retries enables bold, new ELT processes with Trino. Trino now handles queries executed a long time ago, on data far, far away. Data size, and location, matters not.” 

With the general availability of fault-tolerant execution in Trino, Starburst is thrilled to harness the power in Starburst Galaxy. Starburst Galaxy now provides data engineers with an even more reliable and consistent mechanism for cost-effective processing of long-running queries with high performance wherever you need it. Dain Sundstrom, co-creator of Trino and CTO at Starburst, is showcasing this new feature during the Starburst Galaxy lab at Trino Summit. 

Starburst is also announcing new features for Starburst Enterprise in its upcoming Q2 release:

  • Data products: now in general availability and securely works with Starburst’s built-in access control, includes a REST API, allows comments, and metrics, making it easier to build, secure, and share data products
  • Built-in access control: now in general availability and includes audit logs, access control for UI screens, and natively secures data products, ensuring consistent governance from the source level to the data products.

In addition to these exciting product advancements, the company is also celebrating the Star Wars Day today through Starburst’s Space Quest League – a gamified sweepstakes competition for data professionals – by dropping four special Star Wars challenges with a unique opportunity to win a limited edition Star Wars Day t-shirt and earn extra stars towards mission two. If you haven’t done so already, enter now for a chance to win $20,000 cash (or roughly $28,800 Imperial Credits)!

As much as we admire Star Wars and Yoda here at Starburst, for us, there is a try (for free!), and we encourage everyone to experience Trino SummitStarburst Galaxy, and Starburst Enterprise for yourself. 

This is the way. May the Fourth be with you. 

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