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Unleashing the power of query optimization with Starburst Enterprise’s managed statistics

May 31, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of data analytics, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimize query performance and extract valuable insights from their data. ...

Starburst Enterprise 413-e LTS release

May 30, 2023

The new Starburst Enterprise 413-e LTS release provides Starburst customers with exciting new capabilities alongside more advanced connectivity, improved performance, and enhanced security. As...

10 benefits and challenges of data mesh

May 30, 2023

Data mesh has many advantages for organizations that use it to change their business processes towards a decentralized model. We highlight 10 benefits and challenges of data mesh.

Welcome, Megan Maslanka, Starburst’s Chief People Officer!

May 26, 2023

We are so excited to announce Megan Maslanka as our Chief People Officer! She began her career in HR as an HR business partner...

Re-architecting Trino: The origins and development of fault-tolerant execution

May 24, 2023

We developed a novel architecture based on fault-tolerant execution. Any task can stop and restart without needing to reproduce any previous results, so you reduce wasted computation. This cuts end-to-end latency, too, since you don’t need to restart from scratch each time. And since you don’t need to hold all the data in memory, you can run large queries with fewer resources. 

Top 13 benefits of data products for users and the business

May 23, 2023

Data products have many benefits. They create a new, curated way of interacting with datasets and place team collaboration and business questions at the forefront of data analysis. Businesses adopt data products for many reasons, including ease of use, improved data reliability and trustworthiness, and new opportunities for cross-functional sharing. 

Securing customer data in SaaS products

May 23, 2023

We have taken the utmost care to provide defense-in-depth in our products and continual re-examination of our security and development practices. Starburst fosters a culture of feedback and this is reflected in our commitment to creating and maintaining secure products that our customers can depend upon to meet the technological and privacy needs of their business.

Accelerate AI with a data lake analytics platform

May 22, 2023

A data lake analytics platform is needed in order to bridge the gap between what can be a large number of analytical AI tools with data lakes, lakehouses, legacy systems and other technologies in the ecosystem. 

Debating the future of data engineering

May 19, 2023

Data engineers have typically functioned as a central hub for engineering tasks. They work with multiple departments and business units across the enterprise. But as the decentralized, data-product-driven architecture of the data mesh approach becomes more popular, and more organizations find themselves on this decentralization journey, what happens to that centralized data team?

Healthcare analytics: Improve patient care and maximize cost efficiency

May 18, 2023

Using Starburst, healthcare providers can gain insights into their clinical, operational, financial, and strategic performance. They can also leverage their data to improve patient care quality, safety, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Building a modern open data lake just got easier with Starburst Galaxy & Tabular

May 17, 2023

The Tabular connector is generally available in Starburst Galaxy. Get all the benefits of Trino and Iceberg without the operational overhead.

How to migrate your Hive tables to Apache Iceberg

May 16, 2023

Migrating to Iceberg from Hive offers several advantages including faster query performance. Learn two ways to migrate your Hive tables to Iceberg, exploring the benefits and implications of each.

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