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Starburst partners with you to unlock the value in your data and achieve your business goals. Our knowledgable team guides your organization with the expertise necessary to accelerate your journey from the start through onboarding, adoption and expansion of your deployment of Starburst Enterprise to solve key business problems. At the outset, we work together to ensure our agreement is the best fit for the use case and your long term success criteria. Through weekly check-ins and planning meetings, we help you get up to speed and production ready. Our journey doesn’t end when you reach production, we facilitate quarterly business reviews and monthly check-ins to ensure your feedback is being incorporated in our roadmap. This holistic approach will ensure you not only get started but maximize what you can do with Starburst.

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Dedicated resources for your organization with up to a 30 minute response time and 24×7 support from our expert team.

24x7 expert support

Up to thirty minute response time for break/fix & critical issue response from expert support engineers.

Extensive knowledge base

Avoid common Trino (Formerly known as Presto) issues, learn config best practices, and access troubleshooting guides.

Intuitive support portal

Fast ticket submission and tracking, user-friendly support forums, and easy downloads.

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Starburst partners with you as a guide through all the steps to ensure a timely launch. Jumpstart helps to:

  • Plan and architect the environment
  • Assist with implementation and troubleshooting
  • Ready users for adoption of Starburst (support and initial power users)
  • Ensure everything is ready to go to production
  • Launch on time – keep track of your week to week progress and key
    readiness milestones

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Resident Solution Architect

The Resident Solution Architect (RSA) is on hand to provide technical advisory for the most complex of your needs. The RSA is your embedded expert on your core team. They act as a hands on team member delivering daily value. The RSA assists with:

  • Planning and architecting your environment as your business
    and usage changes
  • Guiding your team through the design and rollout of new use cases
  • Assisting with tuning and scaling your environment
  • Proactively troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Championing and advocating for your needs within Starburst
  • Administering training and best practices

Learn more about the Resident Solution Architect program

Enablement and training services

Thoughtful rollout of your new Starburst experience is critical to successful adoption. Starburst’s enablement solutions are tailored to ensure all audiences are ready to maximize the value of your investment. Our training experts bring years of experience in guiding and designing enablement solutions for our most valued customers. 

Customizable consulting services

In addition to our Jumpstart and Resident Solution Architect services, we also provide ad hoc customizable consulting services. We provide hands on consulting services for architecture planning, performance tuning, administration & monitoring, security and more. Starburst consulting services also provides help with installation and security configuration as well as querying and user adoption best practices.

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Starburst Enterprise

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst offers a free, unlicensed version which includes:

  • Certified and secure releases
  • Cost-based optimization for federated queries
  • Connector extensions, including table statistics
  • Usage metrics

Data leaders trust Trino (formerly PrestoSQL)

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Trino.

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