Starburst Employee Information Kit

What is it?

  • Space Quest League is a gamified sweepstakes competition for data professionals. While the competition runs all year, there are four distinct sweepstakes, also known as Missions. 

What is the prize for Mission 4?

  • The prize for Mission 4 is a Data Nerd Box
  • This Mission, there will be SIX winners, announced on the following dates:
    • 10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16 and 1/2.



What is the “Do well, and do good” component? 

  • Starburst donated $10 for every valid contestant in Mission 1 and Mission 2 to two charities supporting Ukraine. The Mission 1 contestants voted to send the $5,000 donation to the Starburst for Ukraine Moneybox. The Mission 2 contestants voted to send the $5,000 donation to the Polish Humanitarian Action. For the remainder of the Missions, Starburst will donate $1 for every valid contestant up to $90,000.

How does this competition work?

  • Contestants must enter via our sweepstakes page: www.starburst.io/sweepstakes 
  • Entering and qualifying involves (1) acknowledging our official rules, (2) filling out the entry form, (3) being validated by SweepWidget as a human and (4) being validated by Starburst that you’re a data pro. 
  • One you’re in, you play to win! 

How can I promote Space Quest League?

  • Please use the approved social copy below to promote Space Quest League: 

Social Copy 

  • Starburst Space Quest League Mission 4 has launched and this time, there will be six winners of The Data Nerd Box! The box includes prizes such as Beats, MetaQuest 2, the reMarkable, a Golden Ticket and more! Go to starburst.io/sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win! For rules: https://www.starburst.io/terms/space-quest-league/


Why should I promote Space Quest League?

  • Space Quest League is a great opportunity to reach out to data professionals in your network about an exciting, engaging and unique opportunity!

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