Starburst and dbt

With the new dbt and Starburst integration, data teams can more efficiently build, test, and document data pipelines for any connected Starburst data source.

Build and run scalable transformation pipelines using dbt & Starburst

Single pane of glass for all data transformations and pipelines

No matter the source or storage mechanism, Starburst and dbt users can query and transform data without friction. When you can connect and transform more data, you can drive more insights.

Data accessibility with guardrails

Democratize data transformation by enabling anyone on the data team to safely contribute to and collaborate on production-grade data pipelines.

Scalable and optimized data management

By easing data management and making data transformation work more accessible, Starburst and dbt help organizations scale to meet increasing amounts of data and sources.

Ready to get started?

Built on open-source (Trino for Starburst Galaxy, dbt for dbt Cloud) with the goals of community-driven knowledge-sharing and growth with wide extensibility and no vendor lock-in. Enterprise versions add expert support, stable releases, enterprise-grade security, managed infrastructure, single-pane access, and additional speed, scalability, and features.

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