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Starburst Insights

Starburst Insights provides a visual overview of important metrics about your cluster for all types of users, from platform administrators to data consumers. You can access current and past cluster performance and query processing information.

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Auto-scaling with graceful shutdown

Starburst Enterprise provides auto-scaling with graceful shutdown features to help users efficiently manage clusters without affecting running queries. As demand increases, Starburst automatically adds clusters; as demand decreases, Starburst reduces clusters. Starburst notifies machines that will be removed which allows work to finish and ensures machines don’t accept new work. Machine shuts down only once work is completed. These features maximize cost savings when clusters aren’t busy and improve performance when they are.

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Usage Metrics

Starburst Enterprise provides a quantitative measurement for usage by collecting and logging information about all nodes in your cluster. Users can also use the resulting log information for their own monitoring and operational purposes.

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Starburst Enterprise on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the preferred platform for Starburst Enterprise platform deployments. Kubernetes eases the burden and complexity of configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring containerized applications. Running Starburst Enterprise on Kubernetes provides the platform administrator deployment flexibility for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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Starburst Admin

Starburst Admin is a collection of Ansible playbooks for installing and managing Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) or Trino clusters. It includes features such as installation/upgrade of Starburst Enterprise and service management of the cluster.

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Worksheets is a workbench to run ad hoc queries and explore configured data sources. With Worksheets, querying a cluster has never been easier. Instead of identifying a tool such as DBeaver or Superset, and a corresponding ODBC or JDBC driver, then downloading, installing, and configuring a connection, customers can simply utilize Worksheets in Starburst Insights to run queries and explore data.

Starburst Enterprise

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst offers a free, unlicensed version which includes:

  • Certified and secure releases
  • Cost-based optimization for federated queries
  • Connector extensions, including table statistics
  • Usage metrics

Data leaders trust Trino (formerly PrestoSQL)

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Trino.

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