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Starburst Galaxy

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Up to 3 clusters. Start small and scale up as you need.


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Unlocks larger cluster sizes with more compute power to scale and meet your data needs.


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As your analytics needs scale, we scale with you.

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How do Starburst credits work?

Starburst Galaxy is pay-as-you-go in your cloud of choice

Credit consumption is based on the amount of compute used. You choose the size of your cluster (larger clusters use more compute per second). Each cluster has a corresponding consumption rate of credits which is billed by the second with a one minute minimum.


per credit

Credits consumed per hour


(Max 3)


2 Credits per hour


4 Credits per hour


8 Credits per hour


16 Credits per hour


32 Credits per hour


64 Credits per hour

Pricing Use Cases Examples

Starburst Galaxy is used for a variety of use cases. Included below are two examples of usage.

Basic Data Visualization

Get quick answers in your analytics tool of choice.

  • Using Starburst Galaxy to enable queries in a business intelligence tool to answer critical business questions
  • Self-service, ad hoc analysis of data in a data lake and beyond

One small cluster * 8 hours a day


per day

Enterprise Data Analysis

High concurrency petabyte-scale analytics

  • Using Starburst Galaxy to execute critical large BI reporting jobs
  • Multi-department, large scale analytics

One X-large cluster * 20 hours a day


per day

Frequently Asked Questions & Examples

What clouds does Starburst Galaxy run on?

Starburst Galaxy is available on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Can I sign-up for Starburst Galaxy on my cloud provider’s marketplace?

Yes, you can sign up on the AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace and the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Can I run Starburst Galaxy in my own cloud environment?

Starburst Galaxy will connect to your data from the same region for AWS, Google Cloud & Azure to minimize data transfer costs. We don’t deploy the software into your environment to provide the full SaaS experience and take management, security patches and upgrades off your plate. If you are looking to deploy Starburst in your own VPC you should take a look at our self managed Starburst Enterprise offering.

What’s the difference between Starburst Galaxy and Starburst Enterprise?

Starburst Galaxy is managed and maintained by Starburst available on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. In comparison, Starburst Enterprise can run on-premise and in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Red Hat Openshift, but are managed and maintained by the customer.

As Starburst Galaxy is a fully-managed offering, patching and upgrades are handled seamlessly providing you instantly with the latest features and performance improvements. However, Starburst Galaxy’s level of customization and configuration will be limited in comparison to Starburst Enterprise.

Is there a charge for additional users?

There is no charge for additional users.

Where should I start with the size of my cluster?

Pricing is fully usage based. You can easily change your cluster sizes at any time. We recommend starting with a smaller size cluster and moving up to a larger size as your SLAs, concurrency or workloads require.

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Up to $500 in usage credits included

  • Query your data lake fast with Starburst's best-in-class MPP SQL query engine
  • Get up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Easily deploy clusters in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
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