Starburst Announces Investment From David Schneider, President Emeritus At ServiceNow

Starburst welcomes software industry veteran as a strategic investor and advisor

BOSTON, MA — January 14, 2021 Starburst today announced an undisclosed investment from David Schneider who will bring his expertise from leadership positions at ServiceNow, EMC, and Data Domain to help build and scale Starburst’s growth strategy. Today’s news comes on the heels of Starburst’s $100M series C financing, as the company continues its rapid growth to meet the fundamental shift in how organizations approach data access and analytics.

“I’m impressed with Starburst’s growth and bullish on their potential to carve out a meaningful share of the data and analytics market. They’re solving data access problems through a new paradigm, taking companies from the outdated goal of moving data to one place for a single source of the truth, to a more pragmatic goal of establishing a single point of data access,” said David Schneider, President Emeritus at ServiceNow. “I’m happy to join the group of investors and help coach the Starburst leadership team to ensure they reach their potential.”

Schneider’s work with the Starburst team will primarily focus on building out the sales & marketing functions globally. “We’re looking forward to learning from David’s tremendous experience leading the go-to-market strategy for some of the most successful software companies in the past decade,” said Justin Borgman, Starburst Co-Founder & CEO. “We believe in our potential to reach the same level of success by achieving our mission of freeing companies from the tyranny of data lock-in.”

About Starburst

Starburst unlocks the value of data by making it fast and easy to access anywhere. Starburst queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for organizations. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the tools that work best for their business. Trusted by companies like Zalando, FINRA, and Condé Nast, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all data.

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