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Starburst Expands Support for Building Interactive Applications on the Data Lake

November 28, 2023

New functionality allows customers to ingest, govern, and share data in near real-time, while leveraging

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Starburst Expands Data Lake Analytics Platform to Support Every Stage of the Cloud Journey

September 20, 2023

Differentiated by on-premises connectivity in Starburst Galaxy, new additions give optionality as organizations balance cloud

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Starburst Introduces Python DataFrame Support for Complex Data Transformation and Data Application Workloads

September 7, 2023

Developers and data engineers can use the new PyStarburst and Ibis libraries to create complex

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Starburst dévoile Partner Connect pour accélérer l’accès à Galaxy depuis les outils partenaires

July 5, 2023

Ce nouveau portail permet une connexion simplifiée aux principaux outils de business intelligence et de

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Starburst dévoile de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour la découverte et l’analyse de toutes les données dont les “dark data”

Ces nouveautés fournissent aux entreprises un point d’accès unique pour découvrir, gérer et analyser leurs

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Starburst Unveils Data Lake Analytics Platform at Galaxy Launch Week 2023

June 20, 2023

New capabilities address the growing challenge of data sprawl and how to uncover & analyze

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Starburst Launches Partner Connect to Streamline Integrations with Starburst Galaxy

New features enable easy connection to key data engineering and business intelligence tools, accelerating data

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Starburst Integrates With dbt Cloud to Unlock Cross-Platform Data Transformations

April 27, 2023

With Starburst and dbt Cloud, data teams can collaborate on data pipelines powering analytics beyond

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Starburst et DataGalaxy annoncent un partenariat pour accélérer la gouvernance fédérée des données

March 29, 2023

Les deux éditeurs lancent une nouvelle intégration associant le dictionnaire de DataGalaxy avec Starburst et

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Starburst and DataGalaxy announce partnership to accelerate federated data governance

The two vendors are launching a new integration combining the DataGalaxy dictionary with Starburst and

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