Starburst Recognized as Outperformer in ​​GigaOm Report for Data Lakes and Lakehouses

Report highlights combination of Starburst Galaxy managed service and Starburst Enterprise as a true lakehouse platform

BOSTON, March 9, 2023 – Starburst, the analytics anywhere company, today announced that it has been recognized as a “Leader” and “Outperformer” in the March 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Data Lakes and Lakehouses. The report highlights key data lake and lakehouse vendors and equips IT decision-makers with the information required to select the best offerings for their business and use case requirements. Citing the combination of its managed service, Starburst Galaxy, and its self-managed offering, Starburst Enterprise, the report positions Starburst as a true lakehouse platform.

This GigaOm Radar Report informs and assists organizations in their selection of the platform that best suits their needs. According to the report, Starburst’s main strengths include federated querying, scalability and elasticity, high availability, support for multiple file and table formats, both managed services and self-managed offerings, multi-cluster structure, unified control plane, and robust documentation and community support provided by the open source Trino community as well as the vendor itself.

“Starburst’s solutions may at first appear to be standalone federated query engines,” said Andrew Brust from GigaOm. “However, the combination of MPP operation, optimized query planning, multi-cluster operation, auto-scaling, and the MERGE capability; connectivity to data lakes with support for data in Parquet, Iceberg, Delta Lake, and Hudi formats; and compatibility with all major BI tools makes Starburst a true lakehouse platform.”

The companion GigaOm report, “Key Criteria for Evaluating Data Lake and Lakehouse Solutions,” summarizes the differentiating key criteria used to evaluate vendor data lake and lakehouse platforms, including query federation, managed services, serverless operation, unified control plane, multi-cluster structure, open source technology integration, and lake and warehouse unification. Starburst received a score of “Exceptional,” defined as outstanding focus and execution, on five of the seven key criteria. 

While data lakes have been around since the early days of big data, the report suggests that existing technologies are steadily improving and new capabilities and paradigms continue to be established. One such paradigm noted in the report is the concept of the “data mesh,” which shifts away from the centralized models of both data warehouses and data lakes. 

“Technology vendors have long peddled a version of nirvana where all of a company’s data would be centralized in one location. From mainframes, to client-server, to the cloud, data technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace, and as a result, companies have always struggled to build and maintain the elusive ‘single source of truth,’” said Justin Borgman, CEO and co-founder, Starburst. “Companies want to take new data and put it to use immediately to better understand customers, forecast market conditions, or gain more efficiency from their existing operations. This GigaOm report validates our unique approach to accessing data regardless of where it lives, from data lakes to warehouses, and everywhere in between, to fuel the analytics and insights that are truly driving business outcomes for customers.”  

To help users maximize value from the data in and around their lake, Starburst delivers a full-featured data lake analytics platform that includes all the capabilities needed to discover, organize, and consume data without the need for time-consuming and costly migration projects.  Starburst offers 50+ enterprise-grade connectors and the ability to explore data at the source without data movement.  Coupled with the recently announced Warp Speed workload acceleration and the recently released private preview of data products in Starburst Galaxy, these capabilities comprise a highly performant, flexible, and open data lake platform for nearly any data ecosystem.

Read the full findings or check out our blog post on the report. And to learn more about Starburst, please visit our website: www.starburst.io/.

About Starburst

Starburst is the analytics engine for all your data. We provide the fastest, most efficient analytics engine for your data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh. We unlock the value of distributed data by making it fast and easy to access, no matter where it lives. Starburst queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for data-driven organizations. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the existing tools that work for their business. Trusted by companies like Apache Corporation, Comcast, Doordash, FINRA, Priceline, and VMware, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all data. 

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