Data Engineer

Explore advanced features of Apache Iceberg

Use JMeter and Starburst Galaxy to run benchmark testing

Explore data modifications, snapshots, and time travel with Apache Iceberg

Create and populate Apache Iceberg tables

Add conditional logic to a SQL query

Configure Azure Private Link for Azure database PaaS

Migrate Hive tables to Apache Iceberg with Starburst Galaxy

Configure a Starburst Galaxy data lake catalog and schema

Configure AWS PrivateLink for client or tool connectivity to Starburst Galaxy

Configure Azure Private Link for a database running on a VM

Configure Azure Private Link for ADLS

Build a data application with Starburst Galaxy and PyStarburst

Configure AWS PrivateLink for on-premises data sources

Configure a Google Sheets catalog

Configure a Google Cloud Storage JSON key

Configure Azure Service Principal authentication

Configure an SSH tunnel

Configure a cross account IAM role

Configure AWS PrivateLink for MongoDB Atlas

Configure AWS PrivateLink for Snowflake

Configure AWS PrivateLink for RDS using an AWS CloudFormation Template

Configure AWS PrivateLink for Redshift

Configure AWS PrivateLink for RDS

Starburst Galaxy: Getting started

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  • Query your data lake fast with Starburst's best-in-class MPP SQL query engine
  • Get up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Easily deploy clusters in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
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