Data Mesh Readiness Assessment

This 15 question Data Mesh Readiness Assessment spans across Strategy, Architecture, Culture, and Governance. These are important considerations as you define the scope and pace of your Data Mesh Strategy/Program/Journey. The goal of the assessment is to help you to identify some high-level strengths and weaknesses that will impact your implementation strategy. Take the Data Mesh Readiness Assessment below and let’s start thinking through these key considerations together.

Data Mesh is a strategic approach to meet the growing demand for data from analytics teams and business leaders who have adopted a data-driven culture. The “Mesh” establishes a framework (architecture, culture, process) to integrate data from any source and convert it into meaningful, actionable data products. 

Rather than invest in a multi-year, centralized data lake migration, we shift towards the fast integration of our existing decentralized data sources with a Mesh. The low cost of entry, the delivery speed, and enhanced analytics performance establishes a sound business case. From a business perspective, these are the benefits:

  • Fast access to existing data sources
  • Business-focused data products
  • Consistent Governance across the Mesh

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