Isa Inalcik, Senior Data Engineer at BestSecret, worked with his team to lead BestSecret's transition from a monolithic data warehouse. Isa's vision and technical expertise were pivotal in the shift away from Snowflake, a move considered audacious given the industry's widespread adoption of the platform. Recognizing the need for flexibility in accommodating emerging projects, Isa spearheaded the adoption of Starburst, utilizing Trino as the backbone of their new data stack. By leveraging the Trino on Ice design pattern and implementing Iceberg as their format of choice, BestSecret achieved a zero ELT approach, streamlining their data operations and eliminating vendor lock-in. The results speak for themselves, with a notable 70% cost reduction and a transformed data architecture that embraces openness and adaptability.

Isa Inalcik

Sr Data Engineer, BestSecret

We moved from a monolithic Snowflake approach to a decentralized approach with Starburst and Iceberg. Now we can skip the data warehouse step completely, and complete analytics on the data right where it sits.

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— Isa Inalcik

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