Jason Kehl, SVP of Engineering and Data Science at Vectra, is reshaping the future of data in the cybersecurity realm. By harnessing the power of Starburst Galaxy, Jason and his team have transformed Vectra's approach to threat detection and response. Vectra's AI-driven platform relies on deep algorithms that demand vast amounts of data for real-time analysis. With Galaxy as their computational and analytics engine, Vectra can now query data in near-real time with unparalleled speed and scale. This capability empowers security teams to prioritize and respond to attack signals promptly, bolstering their resilience against cyber threats. Through Galaxy's integration with Vectra's infrastructure, data sets remain separate, secure, and encrypted, aligning with Vectra's stringent security paradigm.

Jason Kehl

SVP Engineering and Data Science, Vectra

Starburst Galaxy allows us to take a load off of engineering. We don’t have to become experts in Trino or experts in managing Trino. We can focus on business needs – whether it’s performance work, feature work, or the one-off requests you get from large customers.

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