Currently, as President & CEO of Visible Systems Corporation (Visible), Mr. Cesino consults with organizations to better plan, develop, and manage their information resources towards building a better, more efficient business. He has successfully relaunched Visible as a premier company in helping companies to drive their business strategy to execution – viewing their enterprise from a “design thinking” perspective thereby enabling strategies around their products and services.

Mr. Cesino has an MBA from Suffolk University’s School of Management and degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology from Boston University and Northeastern University, respectively. He has authored several technical papers including "Information Technology as a Competitive Edge.”

Michael Cesino

CEO and Co-Founder, Visible Systems Corporation

With Starburst, we are able to help the victims of human trafficking by providing clinicians the right data at the right time.

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What inspired you to go with Starburst?

I was really inspired by the founders of Starburst, Justin Borgman, Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, and Matt Fuller, when I saw them giving a presentation about Presto, now Trino. It immediately caught my attention as a way to allow our customers to conceptualize their business strategy and then map the conceptual representation to the physical world including the physical data. This inspiration basically kicked off the re-launch of Visible Systems!

Where does Starburst fit in your overall data strategy? Which critical technologies are you integrating with Starburst?

Starburst is a crucial component in Visible’s overall strategy. Without the Starburst solution, the mapping of a very high level concept, what we reference as a business strategy, to the physical world would not be possible. Starburst empowers our clients to use our SaaS solution to query a wide range of data on the fly, generating insights into their strategy execution that are actionable.

Our SaaS solution integrates with Starburst across all three of the major cloud offerings – AWS, GCP, and Azure supporting cross-cloud analytics. Some customers need to stand up databases quickly. As a best-in-class, easy to use, fully-managed and enterprise-ready SaaS platform,
Starburst Galaxy is specifically designed for this purpose.

What are your three favorite Starburst features?

My three favorite Starburst features are:

  • Ability to aggregate data across distributed data sources: This is important to our clients because they can look at a wide range of deep data
  • Starburst Galaxy: The fully managed offering alleviates a lot of the heavy lifting for us by providing a clean, user-friendly interface
  • Starburst People: The people I have worked with have been very helpful, extremely friendly, and well-skilled!

Which business outcomes are you most proud of?

Recently, we have been really proud of our ability to help people, specifically in the area of human trafficking. When a person walks into an emergency setting, only once they are identified and diagnosed properly, then they can actually be helped. Through Starburst, we are able to bring the right data at the right time to each case. We have been able to give clinicians the information they need in order to make the right decisions. With Starburst, all of this can happen in real-time and doctors can begin to help these victims as quickly as possible.

Do you think decentralized data access and Data Mesh are the future of analytics at scale?

A Data Mesh delivers on the promises of decentralized data access. Other concepts, like the Data Fabric, can only be effective if there is also a Data Mesh in play. The capabilities that Starburst offers facilitates the adoption of a Data Mesh and allows people to get the most value out of a decentralized data access approach.

Fun Facts

Your First Computer

It was the IBM Mainframe!

Astronaut or space tourist?


Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic?

Virgin Galactic

Star Wars, Star Trek, or the MCU?

Star Trek, but Starburst would override all three!

If you could give an intelligent alien one book, which would you pick?

The Four Hour Work Week

If you could pick a science mission to explore any destination in the solar system, what would you choose?

Saturn, it has captured my imagination more than any other planet!

If you could open an office on any planet, which one would you choose?

Saturn, it would be amazing to see the continuous rings at all times!

If you could name your own star, what would you call it?

Starburst :)

Did you know?

Michael still roots for Tom Brady, and of course Gronk, even though they have left the Patriots, his favorite football team!

Winning with Starburst

"One of our most important goals is to delight our customers. With Starburst, we can bring all of our skills and technologies together in a unique way that is efficient and effective in order to see great results and success among our customers."

— Michael Cesino

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