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Migrating workloads to a Modern Data Lake with Starburst Enterprise

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Centralization is a bottleneck. And the Modern Data Lake isn’t your ex-boss’ data lake. This webinar is designed to empower data teams with insights into transitioning from traditional data warehousing platforms like Snowflake, to a versatile and cost-effective modern data lake environment using Starburst Enterprise.

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Watch Russell Christopher, Director, Product Strategy, and Daniel Codeluppi, Product Manager, as they highlight the challenges of centralizing on a cloud data warehouse, and how Starburst Enterprise can complement and supercharge you into a modern data lake architecture.  Learn strategies to bridge the gap and optimize data access and analytics outside of the warehouse, as they discuss:

  • Reduced TCO with Starburst: Avoid the centralization of data and over-reliance on a monolithic data warehouse. See how this shift optimizes costs
  • Parallel data access: Witness how Starburst enables parallel querying of data that remains in Snowflake while being transitioned to the data lake
  • Querying at Warp Speed: Understand how Starburst Enterprise optimizes query performance, enabling lightning-fast responses for actionable insights

    Break free from traditional constraints and embrace a more agile, scalable, and cost-efficient data ecosystem. Join us to transform your data strategy, accelerate query performance, and optimize costs with Starburst Enterprise.


    Russell Christopher

    Director, Product Strategy at Starburst

    Daniel Codeluppi

    Product Manager at Starburst

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