Technical Achievement Challenges

Mission 4

Back by popular demand, our Technical Achievement Challenges are returning in Mission 4! Answer our SQL based questions each week to increase your chances a Data Nerd Box! You must be considered a valid entry to win which includes, but is not limited to, registering with a valid LinkedIn and qualifying as a data professional. For more information visit the sweepstakes rules.

CBB is gearing up for the holiday season by doing a little shopping in Fairview, TN, but everyone in their family is extremely difficult to buy for. Usually, the gifts just end up getting returned or exchanged for another gift. Help CBB investigate and find a store that will adequately accept all the returns imaginable, while also verifying the store carries a substantial amount of other items that family members can select instead. 

All the details you need to complete these SQL based problems in Starburst Galaxy are available by following this easy guide.

Starburst Galaxy

  1. Sign up for Starburst Galaxy!
  2. Log in to Starburst Galaxy 
  3. Navigate to the Clusters pane
  4. Start the Cluster named “Sample” 
  5. Navigate back to the Query Editor
  6. Select the catalog “tpcds”
  7. Select the schema “sf1”

You may be querying 5 different tables.  View the ER diagram.

  • tpcds.sf1.store_sales
  • tpcds.sf1.store
  • tpcds.sf1.store_returns
  • tpcds.sf1.item
  • tpcds.sf1.reason

Watch as I walk you through how to query the datasets using Starburst Galaxy.



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