Case Study

Establishing universal data access with Starburst Enterprise

Fortune 100 Telecom Giant

Retaining and ingesting tremendous volumes of subscriber data across various platforms

The company collects daily viewing data in Hadoop, while subscriber and account information and other data are stored in Teradata, Oracle, and various systems. Extracting intelligence from all this data is critical, as data-driven insights help retain existing customers, offer them new packages tuned to their preferences, and more.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Fortune 100 Telecom Company

Performance at Scale

Previously, analytics were last in line, and users might have to wait days for results, but with Starburst Enterprise, this organization is able to accommodate many users hitting the system at the same time.

Federated Access

Starburst makes it possible for this customer to empower their end users by giving them access to the data no matter where it lives, achieving a single point of access to all of their distributed data.

Cost Savings

Our customer wanted to avoid vendor lock-in and be able to move data to less expensive platforms without disrupting end users. Starburst Enterprise facilitates this by being agnostic to the data source and facilitating ETL.

When end users are going into on-prem or cloud environments, they will be presented with all the data sets they have access to, irrespective of where the data is located. This offered huge value to our end users.

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