Colleen Tartow, Ph.D.

Engineering, Starburst

Colleen Tartow, Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience in data, advanced analytics, engineering, consulting, and she has been obsessed with data her entire life. Adept at assisting organizations in deriving value from a data-driven culture, she has successfully led large data, engineering, and analytics teams through the development of complex global data management solutions, and architecting front- and back-end SaaS and enterprise data systems. Colleen is also experienced in building and leading diverse teams through business reorganization and transforming existing data ecosystems, maturing them into modern and robust technology stacks. She is determined to make engineering organizations better for both humans and business through mentoring, leadership, and streamlining processes. Her demonstrated excellence in data and engineering leadership makes her a trusted senior advisor among executives, and her work has led to her speaking at a variety of events in the technology leadership space, and mentoring aspiring leaders in data, analytics, and technology. Data Mesh For Dummies, by Colleen Tartow, Ph.D., Andy Mott, MBA, Adrian Estala

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Debating the future of data engineering

May 19, 2023

Data engineers have typically functioned as a central hub for engineering tasks. They work with multiple departments and business units across the enterprise. But as the decentralized, data-product-driven architecture of the data mesh approach becomes more popular, and more organizations find themselves on this decentralization journey, what happens to that centralized data team?

Clarifying Data Mesh Roles And Responsibilities

November 2, 2022

Recently we co-authored the book Data Mesh For Dummies, along with our colleague Adrian Estala. We greatly enjoyed writing the book and collaborating to...

Risk Management and Compliance Best Practices for Data Mesh

October 31, 2022

With the rising popularity of Data Mesh, risk management and compliance best practices should be integrated when a business adopts this robust data management...

Just Released: Data Mesh For Dummies!

July 5, 2022

While there are many sources of knowledge about Data Mesh in the zeitgeist, sometimes you just need the basic questions answered in plain language....

Starburst and Data Products: The Key to a Data Mesh

April 28, 2022

The key to success for any company is deriving business value from data in a robust, scalable, and timely fashion. A huge part of...

Data Mesh: Federated Computational Governance

January 4, 2022

Data Mesh is based on four central concepts, the fourth of which is federated computational governance. In this blog, we’ll explore what that means...

Data Mesh: Self-Service Data Infrastructure

December 7, 2021

Data Mesh is based on four central concepts, the third of which is self-service data infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll explore what that means...

Rethinking the Modern Data Stack

November 17, 2021

Over the past few years the “modern data stack” has entered the vernacular of the data world, describing a standardized, cloud-based data and analytics...

Data Mesh: Data as a Product

October 21, 2021

Data Mesh is based on four central concepts, the second of which is data as a product. In this blog, we’ll explore what that...

Data Mesh: Domain-oriented Ownership & Architecture

October 14, 2021

Insane in the domain! Insane in the brain! Crazy insane, got no domain! - Cypress Hill, sort of Data Mesh is based on four...

Data Mesh: Embracing Decentralized Data Paradigms

September 20, 2021

Many data and analytics practitioners have heard about this socio-technical paradigm shift, Data Mesh, and would like to learn more. But before describing what...

Life at Starburst: Employee Perspectives

June 18, 2021

One year ago, I was one of five new hires that started on the same day at Starburst.  We recently took a moment to...

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