Emma Lullo

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Starburst Galaxy, Starburst

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Re-architecting Trino: The origins and development of fault-tolerant execution

May 24, 2023

We developed a novel architecture based on fault-tolerant execution. Any task can stop and restart without needing to reproduce any previous results, so you reduce wasted computation. This cuts end-to-end latency, too, since you don’t need to restart from scratch each time. And since you don’t need to hold all the data in memory, you can run large queries with fewer resources. 

Starburst Galaxy May 2023 roundup: Optimizing for price-performance

May 2, 2023

Get the best performance at the lowest cost with the release of new cluster execution modes in Starburst Galaxy.

Build and run scalable transformation pipelines using dbt Cloud and Starburst

April 27, 2023

Efficiently build, test, and document your multi-source data pipelines in one central place with dbt Cloud and Starburst.

Starburst Galaxy April 2023 roundup: A new and improved security & governance experience

April 4, 2023

Starburst Galaxy's mission is to deliver high-quality insights without the overhead. This applies to the entire data management lifecycle – including discovering, organizing, governing,...

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