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Senior Product Marketing Manager, Starburst Galaxy, Starburst

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What’s New in Starburst Galaxy – re:Invent 2023 Edition

November 28, 2023

At AWS re:Invent 2023, we announced several features that help simplify and accelerate development on the data lake. In this post, we will look...

Announcing the general availability of attribute-based access controls (ABAC) in Gravity

November 28, 2023

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of attribute-based access controls (ABAC) in Gravity! With ABAC, customers can grant or deny access...

Introducing Python DataFrames in Starburst Galaxy – Now in Public Preview

September 7, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to introduce support for Python DataFrames in Starburst Galaxy with the launch and support of the PyStarburst and Ibis libraries! These libraries enable you to leverage the flexibility of Python while capitalizing on the scale and performance of the leading MPP SQL query engine. This also allows for a more seamless integration into development practices like version control, CI/CD, unit tests, etc.

What’s New in Starburst Galaxy – August 2023

August 1, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Warp Speed is now generally available in Starburst Galaxy. Warp Speed is an autonomous data lake acceleration layer that supercharges your interactive queries. Preview customers reported an average of 4X improvement in query speed and 7X reduction in CPU time.

Starburst Galaxy Launch Week wrap up

June 26, 2023

Last week, we shipped our inaugural Galaxy Launch Week. Here’s everything we launched in a single post. Security: row-filters and column masks In public...

A first-class experience for Iceberg, Delta Lake, and Hudi in Starburst Galaxy

June 22, 2023

The rising popularity of the data lakehouse has led many to try to compare the merits of the open table formats underpinning this architecture:...

Tableau and Starburst Announce New “One-Click” Connectivity Further Simplifying BI on the Modern Data Lake

June 20, 2023

We are excited to introduce the new one-click connector to Tableau Cloud that’s coming soon to Starburst Galaxy. This will eliminate additional connectivity tasks like manually passing through server hosts, usernames, and ports. It will also improve productivity for data engineers and allow customers to create interactive dashboards on their modern data lakes faster than ever.

Introducing Starburst Galaxy as a data lake analytics platform

June 20, 2023

Think of Starburst Galaxy as a single platform where you can discover, govern, analyze, and share all of your data. And the best part? You can do all of this while maintaining ownership over how and where your data is stored.

Introducing Starburst Galaxy launch week

June 16, 2023

From June 20th to the 23rd, we will be launching a new feature (or new set of features) at 10 AM ET each day in Starburst Galaxy. But that’s not all. The announcements will ship alongside new tutorials and videos, as well as new opportunities to win swag.

Re-architecting Trino: The origins and development of fault-tolerant execution

May 24, 2023

We developed a novel architecture based on fault-tolerant execution. Any task can stop and restart without needing to reproduce any previous results, so you reduce wasted computation. This cuts end-to-end latency, too, since you don’t need to restart from scratch each time. And since you don’t need to hold all the data in memory, you can run large queries with fewer resources. 

Hive vs Iceberg: Choosing the best table format for your analytics workload

May 16, 2023

Learn the differences between Hive and Iceberg, the use cases for both formats, and how to start planning your migration strategy.

Starburst Galaxy May 2023 roundup: Optimizing for price-performance

May 2, 2023

Get the best performance at the lowest cost with the release of new cluster execution modes in Starburst Galaxy.

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