Guy Mast

Product Manager, Starburst

For almost a decade, Guy has been working in the big data analytics world and finds joy in everything related to data. His passion lies in assisting customers to solve their data analytics challenges, and he currently holds the position of Product Manager at Starburst. Previously, he held positions in Data and Product Management at Varada, Liveperson, Clicktale, and in an Elite Israeli military unit.

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5 considerations when configuring a cluster in Starburst Galaxy

September 21, 2023

We’ve introduced a ton of new features in Starburst Galaxy that help you tailor your cluster’s performance to the needs of your workload. In...

Testing the boundaries of partitioning for data lake analytics

July 27, 2023

Discover how Starburst’s nanoblock indexing accelerates data lake analytics, optimizing queries, and reducing data reads. Try it in Starburst Galaxy for accelerated performance!

Announcing the public preview of Warp Speed in Starburst Galaxy

June 23, 2023

Accelerate your data team’s interactive workloads by up to 40% with Warp Speed in Starburst Galaxy. Enjoy autonomous caching and indexing for optimal performance, without the manual burden of optimization.

Fueling Trino large-scale geospatial analysis with Starburst Warp Speed

March 27, 2023

In our last post, we discussed two methods for running geospatial analysis with Trino and the Hive connector and explored a few optimization techniques...

Run optimized geospatial queries with Trino

March 23, 2023

The Trino open source distributed query engine is known as a choice for running ad-hoc analysis where there’s no need to model the data and...

Delivering Text Search Capabilities Directly on the Data Lake with Starburst

September 29, 2022

In the big data analytics world, enabling analytics on unstructured text is a powerful capability. For that reason, it would be of use that...

Rethinking SIEM Solutions

September 13, 2022

As organizations strive to become more agile, there has been a mass movement jumping headfirst into what is called a security data lake. Gartner...

Identify threats faster with a security data lake

August 26, 2022

The glory days of SIEM are over. Security teams are not only measured by their ability to collect as much data as possible, but...

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