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Top 5 reasons to not adopt Apache Iceberg

May 22, 2024

Apache Iceberg is becoming increasingly popular and is turning into the de facto standard for table formats. The first-ever Iceberg Summit was held this...

Data migration: Maximizing value with SQL, Trino, and Starburst

March 25, 2024

Data migration, pivotal in the big data digital transformation era, involves the strategic transfer of data across systems. It's not just about moving data;...

Ibis and Trino

December 12, 2023

A bird and a bunny walk into a bar... The bird says, “I’m the Python dataframe library with tons of optionality”. The bunny says,...

An introduction and integration: Delta Lake in Starburst Galaxy

October 12, 2023

Delta Lake was initially developed by Databricks and by 2019 evolved to become an open source project. Since then, they’ve created a few key...

PyStarburst: the DataFrame API

October 5, 2023

Let’s take a quick tour of the DataFrame API implementation with Python that runs the code ultimately as SQL on Starburst Galaxy. You’ll see the rich API that is available to data engineers who prefer to write programs over SQL.

5 amazing videos: Building a SQL-based data pipeline with Trino & Starburst

September 26, 2023

If you’re a data engineer tasked with building and managing data pipelines, Starburst Galaxy enables you to build a data pipeline workflow using modern data lakes and SQL. This approach offers both simplicity and power. What might have required a complex, user defined function (UDF) in Python using other systems can be accomplished with the accessibility and universality of SQL alongside the ease and cost effectiveness of the data lake. 

Tutorial: Using Starburst Galaxy’s materialized views with Apache Iceberg

May 12, 2023

Materialized views have become available in Starburst Galaxy for catalogs using Great Lakes connectivity. For folks who are NOT already using Starburst Galaxy — come sign up — it’s FREE — especially if you want to exercise the content in this blog post.

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