Dr. Sebastian Klapdor

EVP, Chief Data Officer, Vista

Sebastian (“Basti”) joined Vista in 2019 after 12 years at McKinsey & Co, where he was a partner leading global projects to help clients develop world class data and analytics capabilities for commercial and ops use cases. Today, Basti is leading Vista to become one of the most iconic data and analytics companies through its data talent, strategy, culture, tech stack and operating model. Key element of his vision is to treat data as product and build scalable data products in cross-functional teams on a data mesh architecture. He holds a Ph. D. from Technische Universität Munich.

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Data Mesh TV: Data is like Water

October 14, 2022

Years ago, the phrase, “Data is the new oil” became very popular.  It was a strong statement that affirmed the importance of data. While...

More than a 100 Data Products: Vista Leverages Valuable Data with a Data Mesh

June 1, 2022

At Vista, we strive to help small businesses grow, find new customers and live out their dreams. We give businesses the ability to create...

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