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Datanova 2022: Are You Data Mesh Ready?

By: Adrian Estala
January 21, 2022
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During a bright and early morning session on day two (Thursday February 10, 2022 at 10:30am EST) at this year’s Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit, I’ll be guiding attendees through what it means to start their Data Mesh journey along with a hands-on assessment to see where you might start.

Data Mesh is a strategic approach to meet the growing demand for data from analytics teams and business leaders who have adopted a data-driven culture. The “Mesh” establishes a framework (technology, people, process) to integrate data from any source and convert it into meaningful, actionable data products. It is often referred to as a paradigm shift in architecture design. Rather than invest in a multi-year, centralized data lake migration, we shift towards the fast integration of our existing decentralized data sources with a Mesh. The low cost of entry, the delivery speed, and enhanced analytics performance establishes a sound business case.

From a business perspective, these are the benefits:

  • Fast access to data sources. Data Mesh creates fast connectivity to a diverse set of data sources. Most of your data can be accessed where it is. Select data sets may benefit from centralization in higher-cost data stores. All data sources can be integrated in the Mesh.
  • Valuable data products. Data Mesh brings together diverse data sources and delivers them to the consumer in context-rich, aggregated products. The data product is meaningful, trusted and reusable. This is an incredible accelerator to insight and action.
  • Establish a consistent governance framework. The Mesh creates a single point of entry for your data scientists and your business consumers. Data privacy, access management, and auditability are delivered within the same framework.

You are sold, let’s go Spider Man this mesh!

Not so fast Peter Parker, you are going to need to pull together a strategy that defines your benefits, your scope, and your pace. The benefits should be mapped directly to your business and digital transformation goals. Scope definition can be tricky, as you need to consider value, sponsorship, and maturity. If you can demonstrate value, you will likely find an enthusiastic executive sponsor. To prioritize scope, you need to assess maturity in terms of governance, analytics capability, and culture. Finally, your understanding of benefits and scope will help you to define your pace.

Are you ready to start your Data Mesh implementation? Join us at Datanova 2022 to take our Data Mesh Readiness Assessment in real-time. We’ll talk through each of the points described above, you’ll learn how to generate demand for data sets, and best of all, how to get the most out of your data-driven investments.


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Adrian Estala

VP, Field Chief Data Officer, Starburst

Adrian Estala is VP, Field Chief Data Officer and the host of Data Mesh TV. With a background in leading Digital and IT Portfolio Transformations, he understands the value of creating executive frameworks that focus on material business outcomes. Skilled with getting the most out of data-driven investments, Adrian is your trusted adviser to navigating complex data environments and integrating a Data Mesh strategy in your organization.

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