As you probably know, Starburst is one of the main contributors and sponsors of the Presto open source project and the community around Presto. This takes on many forms including having Dain, David and Martin on board at Starburst and developing out in the open source project every day. It also includes many of us hanging out on the community chat, mailing list and stackoverflow and helping users of the open source project during all hours of the day. Starburst developers alone are distributed across various places and Europe, and the larger Presto community spreads even wider.

A solid codebase, features and an active community around the project are crucial to a successful project. Another important aspect, that is often overlooked,  is having great documentation available. Presto does have great technical documentation, that goes into the details of many aspects. However, there are gaps in helping new users get started. And more advanced users can benefit from some more background information and details. Until now that is!!

Enter Presto: The Definitive Guide. This book was written by our very own Matt Fuller, Martin Traverso and myself, Manfred Moser, and just hit the final publication milestone. Thanks to their hard work and the involvement of O’Reilly and their team of editors, you can now get a high-quality book that introduces you to Presto, and covers many aspects that are missing in the documentation. You can find out more about the book and what it covers on prestosql.io.

But don’t go off reading over there just yet. We have some great news for you right here. 

You can get a free digital copy of the book right here from us. 


Presto Book Ad


Hopefully you enjoy reading the book, try out Presto and chat to Matt, Manfred and Martin on the community chat about it.

And if you end up using Presto at your company, and need some help, or even more powerful features – contact us and find out more about Starburst Enterprise Presto. 

Whatever your journey with Presto is, we would love to hear from you. Maybe join us in our upcoming virtual book tour to chat to us live online, check out some of the new instructional videos, and of course check back here for more events and announcements.

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