Learning SQL with the Trino experts from Starburst

Published: October 4, 2023

Ever wondered how to get the most out of Trino and Starburst Galaxy as a data engineer or analyst wrangling SQL statements? Or what a catalog is compared to a database and a schema? You want to learn more about SQL statements like MERGE and UPDATE. Or scalar, window, aggregate and table functions for powerful analysis of your data. We have the right thing for you. Join the Trino creators and Starburst CTOs Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips, as well as myself, Manfred Moser, author of Trino: The Definitive Guide and Trino maintainer, in our upcoming SQL training series.

As mentioned in our Trino announcement, the series consists of four separate sessions on the following days:

  • 18th of October 2023
  • 1st of November 2023
  • 15th of November 2023
  • 29th November 2023

The classes are run as virtual events and you have a chance to learn from the experts, chat with other attendees, ask questions live during the event and even get follow up answers as necessary.

To follow along in class, or easily experiment with SQL in general, you can get a free Starburst Galaxy account now, some time before class, or even any time later when you review the video recording, and test some of the queries out yourself.

So don’t wait. Register for one or all classes now, and put them in your calendar.

And while you are there also register for Trino Summit or maybe even submit a speaker proposal.

See you then.


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