Today I am excited to announce the availability of Presto on AWS Marketplace by Starburst. The Presto AWS Marketplace offering is based on our 195e release which includes Presto’s state of the art Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) for superior performance.

Presto on AWS Marketplace is available as both an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and a CloudFormation template. Launching as an AMI provides a fully functional single node Presto setup — suitable for trial deployment of Presto in your development environment. The Starburst CloudFormation template is ideal for production deployment by configuring multiple Presto AMIs to form a Presto cluster consisting of a Presto Coordinator and multiple Presto Workers.

The Marketplace offering is available with consumption-based pricing per hour. Because of Presto’s separation of storage and compute, you can scale the cluster up and down and pay for only what you use!

Tune Presto for the Cloud
Starburst has completed extensive benchmarking and testing to determine the best configurations for Presto on assorted AWS EC2 instance types. Whether you choose to deploy from the C5, M5, or R4 families, our Presto offering is automatically configured to bring you optimal performance . To start, we recommend the r4.4xlarge, or r4.8xlarge for even larger workloads. These instance types perform very well for most workloads. For assistance choosing instance types for more specific workloads, refer to our instance recommendations. We will also have blog posts to follow on this topic.

Scale Automatically
Take advantage of AWS Auto Scaling with the Presto on AWS Marketplace offering, to automatically control the size of your Presto cluster. Scheduled Auto Scaling allows your cluster to increase in size during peak usage times and decrease in size during downtimes. Dynamic Auto Scaling enables you to define scaling policies based on metrics, such as CPU utilization, to automatically resize your cluster. To learn more about Presto Auto Scaling refer to our documentation.

Query S3 Directly
Immediately, Presto can be configured to start querying S3 data automatically. When launching, simply specify your Hive Metastore URI for the metadata and EC2 Instance profile for access to your S3 bucket. Don’t have an existing Hive Metastore? No problem; setting up a durable Presto Metastore is simple!

Business Intelligence on AWS
Gain insights by using Apache Superset with Presto. This Business Intelligence web application specializes in the exploration and visualization of data, allowing users to run ad-hoc queries, design visualizations, and add them to dashboards for further exploration and sharing. Using our offering, Apache Superset is automatically launched and configured to query from Presto. Read more about Presto and Apache Superset.

But, the insights don’t stop there! Tools such as MS Excel, Information Builders WebFOCUS, Looker, MicroStrategy, Qlik Sense and QlikView, Tableau and Zoomdata work seamlessly alongside Presto on AWS.

What’s Next?
Experience the power of Presto on AWS and stay tuned for more blogs posts and “how to” videos.

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