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10 benefits and challenges of data mesh

May 30, 2023

Data mesh has many advantages for organizations that use it to change their business processes towards a decentralized model. We highlight 10 benefits and challenges of data mesh.

Top 12 benefits of data products for users and the business

May 23, 2023

Data products have many benefits. They create a new, curated way of interacting with datasets and place team collaboration and business questions at the forefront of data analysis. Businesses adopt data products for many reasons, including ease of use, improved data reliability and trustworthiness, and new opportunities for cross-functional sharing. 

Accelerate AI with a data lake analytics platform

May 22, 2023

A data lake analytics platform is needed in order to bridge the gap between what can be a large number of analytical AI tools with data lakes, lakehouses, legacy systems and other technologies in the ecosystem. 

Debating the future of data engineering

May 19, 2023

Data engineers have typically functioned as a central hub for engineering tasks. They work with multiple departments and business units across the enterprise. But as the decentralized, data-product-driven architecture of the data mesh approach becomes more popular, and more organizations find themselves on this decentralization journey, what happens to that centralized data team?

Healthcare analytics: Improve patient care and maximize cost efficiency

May 18, 2023

Using Starburst, healthcare providers can gain insights into their clinical, operational, financial, and strategic performance. They can also leverage their data to improve patient care quality, safety, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Best practices for developing and scaling data products

May 15, 2023

Learn why data products matter in modern analytics and the practical strategies that you should consider for successful data product implementations.

Why data products are critical to environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

May 10, 2023

If your organization still has centralized massive data lakes, it becomes really, really difficult to shift through that data lake to find out particular data points that need to be extracted to do your reporting. So the only game in town are the principles of data mesh and data products…

Accelerating environmental initiatives with OS Climate

May 3, 2023

I had an opportunity to meet with Vincent in Singapore earlier this year to talk about his work at Red Hat with OS Climate...

BCG landmark research: Spiraling data costs and complexity reach a tipping point

May 1, 2023

The number of unique data vendors has grown, tripling  in the past decade (from about 50 to close to 150 today), driven in a large part by massive data stack investments, which total about $245 billion between 2012 to 2021.

Designing for agile analytics

April 25, 2023

Data products can help minimize business disruption during a migration. Migration should take a balanced prioritization approach based on technical and business rationale. Use a data federation approach to create  a virtual layer between the source systems and the consumer.

Closing the data management and analytics divide in Financial Services

April 20, 2023

At this year's Datanova conference, two outstanding Bank of America leaders, Amy Avery, SVP of Analytics and Research Insights, and Michelle Boston, Managing Director...

How Starburst Galaxy augments and offloads your cloud data warehouse workloads

April 19, 2023

Two of the most common things we hear from companies that went “all-in” on a CDW for their organization are: The cost has risen to out-of-control levels and we must do something about it. We feel like our data is locked in and we are unable to take advantage of the many existing and new technologies


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