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Shopify cuts execution time from hours to seconds with Iceberg and Trino

February 21, 2023

Over a decade ago, the founders of Shopify launched a store to sell snowboards online. The existing e-commerce solutions at the time didn’t give...

Comcast’s data journey into data mesh with Starburst

February 14, 2023

At Comcast, after a long data journey, we first implemented data virtualization. Now, we are on our way to build a data mesh using...

Trino for Large-Scale ETL @ Lyft

January 25, 2023

Lyft operates one of the largest transportation networks in the world. A business like ours depends on data on so many levels. Data relating...

New Study Reveals Key Trends Including a Shift Towards Decentralized Data Architecture

March 22, 2022

Data sprawl grows in complexity. Data science emerges as the top analytical workload. Data pipeline is fraught with challenges. Data access is now more...

The Mars Digital Engine

September 2, 2021

At Mars, we often say “the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today.” Mars is a multinational corporation that specializes...

Query Federation Made Simple at Comcast

June 24, 2021

The media and telecommunications provider now known as Comcast began as a regional operator with just five channels and 12,000 customers. Today, Comcast has...

Data Pandemic Stories: How Data Drives Digital Transformation in a Crisis, by EMIS

May 12, 2021

After insightful data pandemic stories from Tableau, Privacera, and Promethium, we’re happy to bring you a story from Richard Jarvis, Chief Analytics Officer at...

Newly Released Independent Study Uncovers Distributed Data & Analytics Trends

March 4, 2021

  The recent pandemic has caused a massive digital shift and made the need for data access more critical than ever for 53% of...

Presto at Pinterest

March 12, 2020

Article reposted from Medium with permission from the author,  Ashish Singh | Pinterest Engineer, Data Engineering As a data-driven company, many critical business decisions...

Presto Summit 2019 Recap

June 25, 2019

*If you are looking for the 2019 NYC Presto Summit, event info and registration can be found here.* Presentation Slides Presentation Videos   The...

Starburst @ Strata — 3x Presto!

March 13, 2018

The Strata Data conference in San Jose last week was another great event in the Strata series. Those coming from the Hadoop background definitely noticed...

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