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Building your First Data Mesh Showcase

By: Adrian Estala, Ken Seier
November 14, 2022

Data Mesh early adopters and “fast followers” have blazed ahead, taking some early big wins and enduring some pain along the way. We are now…

Apply Product Thinking to Data

By: Karl Hampson
November 7, 2022

At Kin + Carta, we approach Data Mesh beyond the purely technical and architectural angle. Instead, as experts in Data and Product Thinking, we talk…

Data Mesh TV: Data is like Water

Years ago, the phrase, “Data is the new oil” became very popular.  It was a strong statement that affirmed the importance of data. While we…

Data Mesh TV: Better Business Results & Storytelling with The Data Whisperer

By: Adrian Estala
August 3, 2022

He is a superhero (Master Data), he is The Data Whisperer and he is a very funny guest. Scott Taylor joined us for episode 8…

Data Mesh TV: Data Monetization with Data Mesh

By: Alex Scroggins
July 19, 2022

Sure, data is valuable, but quantifying that value is difficult for most organizations. In this episode of Data Mesh TV, we discuss how Data Mesh…

Data Mesh TV: Leveraging International Data Management Standards In Your Data Mesh

By: Ronald Baan
June 7, 2022

Long before big data, data management was seen as a formidable opponent and we continue to strive for better ways of having a better command…

Data Mesh TV: Building A Digital Operations Model With A Data Mesh

By: Rob Akershoek, Adrian Estala
May 12, 2022

Data-driven organizations are modernizing and transforming their operating model to exploit new and existing digital capabilities. The transformation imperative is responding to the demand for…

Data Mesh TV: Overcoming Data Access Challenges

By: Zachary Friedman, Adrian Estala
March 29, 2022

We have been addressing data access challenges for a long time. For many years, the objective was to lock data down. We built layers of…

Data Mesh TV: A CDO Discussion on the Data Mesh Journey

By: Marco Hoppenbrouwer, Adrian Estala
February 23, 2022

Imagine with us, you are the CDO and you're building strategic alignment to start a Data Mesh program. Executives have read the business case and…

Data Mesh TV: Quantifying Risk on a Mesh

By: Gavin Grounds
February 8, 2022

In a recent episode of Data Mesh TV, I spoke with Adrian Estala, VP of Data Mesh Consulting Services on quantifying risk.  ...

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