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Starburst Presto Jumpstart Services in AWS Marketplace

By: Dan Brault
December 3, 2020

Starburst helps to support the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace ...

Databricks and Starburst Presto = A True Unified, Open Analytics Platform

By: Tom Nats
July 19, 2019

I remember it clearly, it was 2 o'clock in the morning back in the ancient year of 2000. I was working for a .com loading…

Starburst Presto & Databricks Delta Lake Support

By: Tom Nats
June 13, 2019

  TL;DR - Starburst Data is excited to announce Presto Databricks Delta Lake compatibility.     Delta Lake The big data ecosystem has many components…

Querying data in S3 using Presto and Looker

By: Eric Whitlow
July 10, 2018

With more and more companies using AWS for their many data processing and storage needs,  it’s never been easier to query this data with Starburst…

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