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Presto & Data Science: Getting Data Into the Hands of Data Scientists (Faster)

By: Brian Luisi
June 26, 2020

A few days ago I read a Gartner report stating that data scientists spend 23% of their time on data collection and preparation. I think…

How to Optimize Presto Performance with Different Storage Layers

By: Tom Nats
June 4, 2020

Customers sometimes ask how they can make Presto even faster. One of my first questions back to them is “what are you using for your…

Committed: A Profile of One of Starburst’s Presto Experts

By: Shaun Bruno
January 7, 2020

We call ourselves the Presto experts here at Starburst Data, but what does that actually mean?  ...

Presto Summit 2019

By: Shaun Bruno
May 21, 2019

*If you are looking for the 2019 NYC Presto Summit, event info and registration can be found here.* When: June 20th, 10 AM - 6…

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