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The Data Lies

The data truths shall set your business free

By: Adrian Estala
February 23, 2023

Justin Borgman kicked off the third annual Datanova event with a powerful keynote that exposed some of the big data lies that have influenced us…

Lie #5 — Vendor Benchmarks Measure Real-World Performance

By: Justin Borgman
February 7, 2023

Professional athletes aren’t remembered for how well they practiced. They’re remembered for how well they perform in the big game.  Technology needs to be the…

Lie #4 — You need to hire to close the skills gap

By: Justin Borgman
February 6, 2023

There’s a growing chasm separating the digital-first businesses from the rest of the pack.  But many are stuck somewhere in the middle. And they’re lost.…

Lie #3 — You’re ready for the AI + ML deep end

By: Justin Borgman
February 3, 2023

You’ve hired pedigreed data scientists and engineers, invested in shiny new software, and perhaps even reorganized your entire business, all in the hopes of becoming…

Lie #2 — The modern data stack is modern

By: Justin Borgman
February 2, 2023

The cloud revolution promised to help businesses operate with a level of efficiency and scale never before possible. Instead, after years of investment, companies are…

Lie #1 — A single source of truth

By: Justin Borgman
February 1, 2023

Technology vendors have long peddled a version of nirvana where all of a company’s data would be centralized in one location.  The “single source of…

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